Monday, April 13, 2015

Integrative Spirituality?

Over many years of studying spiritual traditions including Jewish Kabbalism, Christian Mysticism, Sufism, Jainism, and, Buddhism, I have eagerly sought the unifying factors woven throughout all traditions.

My goal - a grand unification theory of spirituality.

The guiding assumption of the quest - truth is truth. If a concept is true, it must be true across time, place, and tradition.

Many religious traditions make absolute truth claims, promoting their particular path as the one and only way to have a relationship with the Ultimate Reality, by whatever name and image the tradition uses for the divine.

Finding the truth has been, and is, a process of eliminating images, metaphors, myths, dogma, and seeing what's left . . .

A vast silence beyond silence. A radiant glow. A vibration.

Integrative spirituality is my term for that reality. A spirituality beyond images and dogma; a spirituality that unites rather than divides. A spirituality that can be shared by all, and even woven into one's one tradition (this may require a willingness to let go of  divisive teachings which promote religious exclusivity). Obviously, this is not a path which will be comfortable for all people.

If you are open-minded, desiring to grow spirituality, and willing to let go of old models, climb aboard! We'll journey together . . .

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